Man and dog walking on a paved path. Houses and trees in the background.Your Centerville-Washington Park District is serious about providing the park and recreation opportunities you want! CWPD perpetually seeks resident and stakeholder input to build strategic plans, master plans, programming plans, capital improvements plans and budgets. This allows us to align resources with community priorities.

Our most recent Community Needs Assessment was conducted in 2022 — and in 2019 before that! Resident feedback generates great ideas and opinions, and we would like to share the many improvements that are a direct result of your input. So, every two weeks from July to November, we will post a short message about what’s been added, fixed, improved or expanded to meet your requests!

We’re Walking, We’re Walking…

Once again, survey data showed that residents would like CWPD to continue focusing on trails and paths. Over the past 5 years staff have added or improved about 9 miles of trails and paths. Your park district promotes community health and wellness by providing 39 miles of trails and pathways in 18 different parks.

Trails provide health and fitness by providing an enjoyable and safe place for bicycling, walking, and jogging, removed from the hazards of motor vehicles. (source, American Trails)

Over the past several years, many trail improvements have taken place at Bill Yeck Park in conjunction with the park’s master plan, which was driven by public input. The installation of a reliable wayfinding system was the most requested improvement for the park, and was installed this past spring. The feedback has been positive!

Also this year, paved paths have been added to both Grant Park and Iron Horse Park. The completion of the 0.6-mile path around Iron Horse Park means that all eight community parks now boast a paved perimeter path, providing ample opportunity for you to be active and enjoy the outdoors with family, friends and your furry friends!

Next on our list is initiating the improvements to the Grant Park trail system per the community-driven park master plan. The updated trail system will even feature the District’s very first water trail!

Whether you are hiking, walking, biking, rolling, strolling or toddling, you do not have to travel far to find the perfect path! For more information on trails and pathways visit our Find a Park page. Have more thoughts or suggestions on where to put trails and paths? Let us know. We are listening!

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