Seed nursery at Bill Yeck Park
Mission Statement

Deliver fun, healthy, and outstanding park experiences that connect the community with the outdoors.


To become the outdoor recreation destination of choice for the community we serve.

Values (we believe in …)

Creating positive memories.
Public service.
Fiscal responsibility.
Environmental responsibility.

2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan

The Centerville-Washington Park District continues to employ strategic planning for a number of valuable reasons. First, the District wants to build on the success, as defined by its public, achieved in the previous five years.

Second, the previous strategic plan had run its course, as all strategic plans do. The community and national economies recovered from an extended economic recession. The Park District’s direction needs to be in concert with what is occurring in the community.

Finally, regular input from residents and park visitors directs the Park District to sustain parks, amenities, programs at high quality levels. And, to continually engage the community’s residents in planning and improving all aspects of the District’s assets and services.

This strategic plan is intentionally succinct, short and focused while challenging the organization to improve upon an already superior park system.

The following summary attempts to explain how the plan will enable the District to meet the needs of its residents. However, the plan could not have been created without the direction and support of the veteran Park Commissioners — Mr. David Lee, Ms. Lucy Sánchez and Mr. Dan Monahan. Even more important to the plan was the input provided by so many residents of Centerville and Washington Township via surveys, focus groups and interviews. The Board and Staff of the Park District offer their thanks and appreciation to the hundreds of people who took time to give opinions, ideas and feedback.

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