Grant Park stream bank restoration project 2019-2020
Yankee Park Playground

The Centerville-Washington Park District (CWPD) is issuing an RFP to develop a design for the Yankee Park playground. The project aims to replace an outdated playground with a new accessible, state-of-the-art playground area. The following design elements should be met: A unitary safety surface for the playground that promotes inclusive play and meets accessibility and impact standards; Include a significant shade design element. The Centerville-Washington Park District is requesting 2 separate designs for the main composite play structure; option 1 will be the designer’s choice but must incorporate a significant shade aspect; option 2- use the example playgrounds provided as a guide for potential layout, play features and shade option. The Park District may seek community involvement for this project. Please provide information on past experiences with community involvement on similar projects. The Park District will be using a cooperative purchasing partner for this project. Please provide information on the specific purchasing partner you plan on using for this project. (updated 5-24-2021)

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Grant Park Streambank Repair

Three erosion areas identified in the Grant Park Master Plan are currently being repaired. The high flows of Holes Creek and unstable banks have been an environmental and safety issue for the park. We are happy to be able to improve these areas per the new Master Plan.

Site 1- Grant Park – Nature Play / Nature Nook – Bank Erosion along Holes Creek

Description of Impairment – Approximately 70-80 LF of toe-slope erosion is severely undercutting the stream bank, immediately adjacent to the Nature Play area. The erosion has resulted in a safety hazard, loss of land, and prevents visitors from safely accessing the creek in this location.

Site 7+8 – Grant Park Yellow Trail Maintenance

Description of Impairment – An existing concrete slab and severe bank erosion at Site 8 has threatened the viability of the yellow trail and its future crossing over Holes Creek. As a result, high flows do not have a defined flow path connection to the floodplain or the high-flow relief channel associated with the oxbow at downstream Site 7. (updated 6-2-2021)