a group of people biking on a paved pathWe are lucky to live in the Miami Valley, a region that touts the largest paved trail network in the country! CWPD is proud to be part of this trail network with over 10 miles of multi-use paved trails for the community to enjoy for exploration, health, and wellness.

What exactly is a multi-use trail? Multi-use trails provide two-way travel for walking, bicycling, jogging, skating, strollers, dog walkers, etc. Also called shared-use paths, these pathways are usually built independently from the road network or alongside a roadway.

Speaking of sharing, here are tips for sharing the trails so each user can get the same enjoyment from the multi-use paths:

  1. Stay on the right side of the path except to pass.
  2. Wheels Yield to Heels! This is a popular motto amongst avid trail users. Bicycles and other path users with wheels should yield to those on feet. Safety Note: when crossing roadways, always yield to vehicle traffic.
  3. Leave room for people to pass. All users need to leave enough room for others to get around them. Don’t spread out across the entire trail.
  4. Slow your speed and announce yourself when passing to avoid startling someone. Shout, “On your left!” and consider using a bell. Do not pass people at high speeds. This is reckless.
  5. Paved paths are wonderfully accessible for all abilities. While one person may use a wheelchair, another person may not have an obvious disability, i.e. a vision or hearing impairment, or a problem with balance. One more reason to pass slowly with care!
  6. Motorized vehicles, with the exception of those used as a mobility device by persons with disabilities, are prohibited.
  7. Dog walkers must keep dogs on a leash 6 feet or shorter. Keep your pets close on multi-use trails to avoid interfering with people passing on foot or on wheels.

Now that we know how to share the trails, let’s enjoy them! Here are the parks with multi-use trails and the distance of each.

We have numerous options if you want to join a program to celebrate National Bike Month or a wellness program on the multi-use trails.

CWPD partners with Bike Centerville, which offers Community Bike Rides throughout the year. The next Bike Centerville Community Rides are coming up on May 5 and May 19. The rides will be led by trained and experienced bike leaders and will help you learn routes to shopping, parks, and more! Rides are an easy-paced 10 to 15 miles that start and end at a park.

A Walk in the Park and Trail Trekking take place twice a week on paved paths at the eight community parks. Enjoy these self-guided walks with other walking enthusiasts seeking fresh air!

Lastly, the Sunshine and Feathers Adapted Fun Run is for everyone to enjoy! On May 11, participants can loop the paved path at the Kennard Nature Nook while stopping at various booths with interactive games, giveaways, and all things sunshine and feathers! The event falls on World Migratory Bird Day and will feature birding activities for all!

Register for these programs online >

Whether you are on feet or wheels, the multi-use trails are a wonderful community amenity to keep us moving, right in your community’s BIG backyard. To learn more about the Miami Valley’s network of trails visit www.miamivalleytrails.org. To learn more about Bike Centerville visit bikecenterville.com.