Silvercreek Park

Neighborhood Park / 8.969 Acres


The park is open daylight hours.


9369 Yankee Street
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About the Park

The Centerville-Washington Park District installed a multi-use trail through Holes Creek and Silvercreek Parks. This project was funded in part through a Clean Ohio Trails grant and spans 3,900 feet from the north end of Holes Creek to Spring Valley Pike, and approximately 2,100 feet from W. Spring Valley Pike to Silverlake Drive (at Silvercreek Park). This trail was created as part of the Creating Community Connections Committee’s vision, as they are working to establish a network of continuous paved multi-use trails in the Greater Dayton Area.

The trail is a 10’ wide, paved multi-use trail, including 3 bridge crossings and connecting to the trails around Yankee Trace. It opened for use in July 2016.


Paved multi-use trail


Silvercreek Park was acquired through open space transfer in 1979.