Hidden Meadows Day Camp at Grant Park

Hidden Meadows Day Camp

The highlight of the summer, Hidden Meadows Day Camp encourages children ages 3 – 12 to learn about nature and enjoy the outdoors by exploring Grant Park, playing games and making new friends! Campers are also treated to guest speakers, special presentations and activities. All-day (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and half-day (9 a.m. to noon) options are available, as well as before and after care. All-day campers should bring a packed lunch that does not require refrigeration. All campers will receive a t-shirt during their first week. Snacks are provided, but campers should bring a filled water bottle every day.

2021 Fees:

Resident Fee/Week: Half day $55, All day $110, before/after care $27
Nonresident Fee/Week: Half day $85, All day $170, before/after care $27
Before care is available from 8 to 9 a.m. After care is available from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Resident camp registration begins online Monday, April 12 at 10 a.m. Nonresident camp registration begins online Monday, April 19 at 10 a.m. Phone registration will begin one day later.

Jump on the summer camp fast track! In an effort to improve your camp registration experience, we have created a way for you to fill out the required camp forms PRIOR to the first day of camp registration. This will make your camp registration go faster, and decrease the chance that your child will be placed on a camp waiting list.

Review the 2021 summer camp brochure >

2021 Camp Weeks:

Nature Explorers, June 7 – 11 (ages 5 – 12)
Explore Grant Park in a whole new way. Up the trails, through the woods and down the creek we go! Follow clues, games and other activities to get a feel for the park and summer fun.

Mammal Mania, June 14 – 18 (ages 5 – 12)
Mammals far and wide will find this week’s camp fur-tastic! We will search the park for native mammals and talk about mammals from across the globe with guest speakers and games.

Nature Sense, June 21 – 25 (Preschool Week: ages 3 – 12)
Five senses and five days of camp! Coincidence? We don’t think so. Campers will explore how animals use sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to survive!

Community ROCKS, June 28 – July 2 (ages 5 – 12)
We will bring the spirit of Independence Day to this week full of games and activities that help others in our community and that help the environment. Your child’s heart will swell with pride while having fun outdoors!

Wild Weather, July 6 – 9 (ages 5 – 12)
Weather is one of the first things we think about when we get ready in the morning. We also keep the weather in mind when planning our daily activities! Learn how to predict the weather using clouds and other natural signs. No matter where you are, weather is all around you!

Adventure Racers, July 12 – 16 (ages 5 – 12)
Adventure racing is all the rage, so we will do our own adventure racing this week. Each day we will get a “leg up” on tasks like hiking, orienteering, reading maps and trekking new terrain. On the last day, we will put our new knowledge to the test for a day full of adventure!

Wonderful Water Fun, July 19 – 23 (Preschool Week: ages 3 – 12)
How many ways can we use water to have a good time? Games, crafts, exploring, mixing and creating!

Woodland Olympics, July 26 – 30 (ages 5 – 12)
As the world watches the top athletes of the world, we will re-create these athletic feats in Grant Park. We will also learn who is at the top of Ohio woodlands and how the creatures all play together! An exciting week to learn and play with new friends at camp!

Winged Things, August 2 – 6 (ages 5 – 12)
Not all winged things have feathers! Winged creatures are all around us — and we will explore them all! Observe them in the wild and see some up close. There is so much to learn about our flying friends!

Additional Camp Information:

Many staff coordinators and counselors are college students pursuing a degree in parks and recreation or education, or they have previous experience in the field. Assistant counselors are at least 16 years of age and have experience working with children.

Inclement Weather
Camp is primarily an outdoor program and will be held rain or shine. The school buildings by Grant Park will serve as a meeting area and shelter for Hidden Meadows.

What to Wear
Dress your child in comfortable old clothes and closed-toe shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are prohibited due to poison ivy and other naturally occurring hazards. Please put your child’s name on all items brought to camp. Many pack an old pair of shoes to wear when visiting the creek.

What to Bring
Bring a water bottle to refill during the day. All-day campers should also bring a packed lunch that does not require refrigeration. Lunch should not include any peanuts or tree nuts.

Daily Sign-In & Sign-Out  
We take strict precautions in accepting and releasing children from the program. Please inform counselors of any changes. Daily sign-in and sign-out is required.

Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
Counselors are not permitted to apply sunscreen or insect repellent. Campers can bring their own and reapply.

Medical Procedures & Emergencies 
All counselors are trained in first aid and CPR and carry a first aid kit. Health history information is kept on site. In the event of a medical emergency, parents and 911 will be called. The child will be escorted to the hospital or released to the parents. If parents cannot be located, the emergency contact will be called. In the event of minor injury/illness, the child will be treated, an incident report will be completed, and parents will be notified at pickup.

Staff is permitted to perform only basic first aid. They are not authorized to dispense any type of prescription or nonprescription medication with the exception of any situation that requires an epi-pen. Rule 5101:2-18-15 (4) 2 of the Ohio Administrative Code states that a child day camp shall set its own policy regarding whether to administer prescription or nonprescription medications. If your child requires medication, arrangements must be made to have a caregiver present to administer the medication. If your child carries an epi-pen, complete additional required forms.

There is a “three-strike” disciplinary system. Examples of behaviors that would result in a yellow, orange or a red card include: inflicting physical harm upon others, continuously wandering away from the group, disregarding what leaders ask of them, generally ignoring rules and opting out of participation. This procedure is to ensure the safety of the group and create the best possible experience for all participants. If a child receives two red cards, we will ask that they not return to camp this summer. Leaders will keep to the established discipline policy and will handle all incidents with kindness, consistency and understanding. Attention will be given to the specific needs of each child while, at the same time, each is encouraged to participate. Leaders will discuss the rules throughout the summer.

Registration Deadline
The last day to cancel or make registration changes is noon the Monday prior to your camper’s start date.