Summer Recreation Program

CWPD Camp Rules

I will make sure I am polite and kind to my fellow campers.
I will have a good attitude and try everything with a smile on my face.
I will stay with the group.
I will make sure everyone is included.
I will follow all rules my leaders give me.
I will always be safe.
I will respect nature and try to protect it while at camp.
I will be courteous to our guest speakers.
I will talk to my counselor if I have a question or concern.
I will have fun, try new things and make happy summer memories.

Rule Implementation

CWPD has an established set of rules across all camps. Campers and counselors will start the first day of camp by going over the rules and will review them throughout the week. In response to broken rules, counselors can provide verbal reiteration of rules, have one-on-one conversations with the camper, remove the camper from certain camp activities and have conversations with the camper’s guardian. Counselors will keep to the established discipline policy and will handle all incidents with kindness, consistency and understanding. Attention will be given to the specific needs of each camper, while at the same time, each camper is encouraged to participate. Counselors will discuss and remind campers of the rules throughout the week.

Incident Forms

In cases of repeated behavioral issues or safety concerns, the camper’s guardian will be issued an Incident Report Form to review, sign and return to camp the following day. If the behavior continues, additional Incident Report Forms will be given to the guardian in an attempt to correct the behavior. As a final resort, if the behavior cannot be corrected, the child may be removed from the camp or from all camps as the CWPD staff feels is necessary.

Severe Disruptions

These can immediately result in expulsion from the camp or all camps. This occurs if a child severely disrupts, intentionally bullies another child to the extent of harm, willfully harms property or person, refuses to obey staff or engages in actions that make camp impossible to run in a normal manner.