volunteer showing pelt to studentTammi Eslinger has been a Centerville resident for nearly 25 years. The wife of an Air Force officer and a mother of four sons, she quickly learned the area by visiting parks with her sons’ various sports schedules.

Tammi began participating in CWPD adult fitness programs in 2009. Being outdoors has many benefits and meeting new people was an added bonus for her. She was introduced to the Trail Trekking group five years ago. She enjoyed it so much she became an official CWPD volunteer in order to lead the program!

Tammi began her CWPD volunteer career with Trail Trekking, but can now also be found assisting at the park district headquarters office, leading music programs at summer camps and campfires, aiding with intergenerational programs, participating in outreach with schools, helping with creek walks, face painting at special events and monitoring various walks such as the Luminary Walk or Early Adventure hikes. Tammi finds volunteering extremely rewarding and thinks there’s no better way to give back to the community than by being out in it!

We would like to thank Tammi, and all of our volunteers, for giving their time and talents to our community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Community Engagement Coordinator Ginger Clark at 937-433-5155 or gclark@cwpd.org.

Volunteer Spotlight