Park Rules and Regulations: Questions and Answers

Can we feed the ducks and geese?
Wild animals need a natural diet, and some foods like bread and crackers are a real health hazard for waterfowl. We don’t want wildlife dependent upon people for food. Please do not feed the animals! Chapter III, Section 3.a.

Can I take something home with me?
Please leave the parks as you find them – for the next visitor to enjoy. We ask that nothing be removed from the parks. Chapter III, Section 2.a.

If I catch a wild animal on my property can I release it in a park?
No. Moving animals from one area to another can introduce disease such as rabies or distemper to a new area. State law prohibits moving some animals from one place to another. Chapter III, Section 4.d.

Is it OK to dump yard waste in the parks?
Please don’t! Grass clippings, brush, etc. may not be dumped on public parkland. Backyard composting is the best solution. If you see dumping of any kind in the parks, please call us immediately. Check with your local trash hauler for information on how to dispose of your yard waste. Chapter III, Section 4.a.

Are bicycles allowed on nature trails?
For safety reasons, nature trails are for foot traffic only. Vehicles of all kinds (including bicycles) are prohibited in order to protect visitors, trails, and vegetation. Paved multi-use trails are available in some parks for non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, skates, etc. or power driven devices used for a mobility issue. Chapter II, Section 7.a.

Can I practice golf in the parks?
No. Balls left behind are “ankle-twisters” for other visitors, and balls hit by mowing equipment are very dangerous projectiles. Chapter II, Section 11

Is beer permitted?
All alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all park areas. Chapter IV, Section 3

Are pets permitted in the parks?
Yes, pets are invited to enjoy the parks, but must always be on a leash unless within a designated, fenced off-leash dog exercise area. Pet owners must clean up pet waste as a courtesy to other park visitors. Chapter II, Section 12

If you have other questions or need additional information, please call the Centerville-Washington Park District, (937) 433-5155. Thank you.

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