Park Rules and Regulations: Chapter I – Definitions

  1. Park District means the Centerville-Washington Park District, also known as the Washington Township Park District.
  2. Park means any land or water area owned, leased, managed, or otherwise controlled by the Park District.
  3. Board shall mean the Board of Park Commissioners of the Park District.
  4. Director shall mean the Director, or any other person designated by the Board or the Director to conduct activities and enforce park rules and regulations within a park.
  5. Police officer shall mean a Park District employee qualified to enforce the regulations of the Park District, police officer of the City of Centerville, deputy of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, police officer hired under contract, and every other law enforcement officer of the State of Ohio or of any political subdivision thereof, including, but not limited to, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, constables and Division of Wildlife game protectors who are qualified to enforce the Regulations of the Park District.
  6. Person shall mean any individual, company, partnership, corporation, any business entity, trust, or association, or any combination of individuals, or any employee, agent or officer thereof.
  7. Park waters shall mean any lake, pond, reservoir, stream, wetland, channel, lagoon, or other body of water, or any part thereof, whether natural or artificial, located in a park.
  8. Fireworks shall mean any combustible or explosive compositions, or any substance or combination of substances or article prepared for purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation.
  9. Fish or fishing shall mean to take or attempt to take fish by any method.
  10. Hunt means to pursue, shoot, kill, trap, follow after on the trail of, lie in wait for, shoot at or wound any animal while employing any device commonly used to kill or wound animals whether such acts result in such killing or wounding or not.
  11. Animal or animals shall mean mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, mollusks, and annelids.
  12. Vehicle shall mean everything on wheels or on treads.
  13. Motor vehicle shall mean any vehicle propelled or drawn by power other than muscular power, including a motorized bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile, or motor scooter except for a motorized device used for a mobility issue.

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