The Path Finder and Trail Master Challenges are designed to help you discover the wide range of hiking trails and walking paths within the Centerville-Washington Park District. While hiking the various trails and paths in the challenge, explore parks you have never visited!

The challenge is simple: walk all of the paved trails for the Path Finder Challenge or hike all of the hiking trails for the Trail Master Challenge. Record the password hidden on that trail. There may be multiple passwords at larger parks with many trails or paths (like Bill Yeck or Grant Parks), while other, smaller parks may just have one password. Some passwords may be easy to spot, but we encourage you to walk the entire trail/path. If you are feeling ambitious, go for both challenges! You will be staying active while you find the passwords and reach the goal!

Ready to join the challenge? Get your tracking sheets! They contain details about which paths and trails are included in the challenge. The challenge runs from September 25, 2023, to November 30, 2024.