Dog walker in Grant Park, springThis is a difficult time for us all. We hope to help our community by encouraging outdoor activities that will help you get some exercise and lower your stress levels. We will continue to post activities to this page, so check back often! Also, follow along on social media where we will post these ideas as well! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Your parks remain open, though some amenities are closed. Please keep an eye on our homepage, as things are changing rapidly.

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  • Check out this custom CWPD Wildflower Coloring Sheet (PDF), created by Decoy Art Center artist Carmen Ferraro! Coloring this beautiful work of art is a great way for kids and adults to spend a relaxing afternoon! Some of the wildflowers included are cutleaf toothwort, wild geranium, white trillium, trout lily, Jack-in-the-pulpit, larkspur and phlox!
  • Where in the Parks is Owlexander?Do you and your family love a good mystery or scavenger hunt? We’ll follow the riddles and clues left at parks each Friday in May to catch this Park District hero turned sneaky character! He snatched up all the white trillium (Ohio’s state wildflower) in the Miami Valley to keep it for his personal collection! If the wildflowers aren’t put back into place, we won’t be able to enjoy them in the parks!
  • BIG Backyard Mammal Track Scavenger Hunt (PDF): Learn to be a wildlife detective! Wild animals are often secretive and shy, but you can search for clues to prove they are nearby. Animals leave footprints, or tracks, in the mud just like we do. How many different tracks can you find?
  • CWPD Rocks Facebook Group: Active since March 2017, this group hides painted rocks in parks throughout the district. Anyone can get involved with this project! Paint (acrylic paint and sealer recommended) your masterpiece on a rock and add #CWPDrocks to the bottom. Then place it in your favorite park! Make sure to wash/sanitize your hands after you find any rocks! We recommend disinfectant wipes come along for your hikes!
  • Twenty Things You Can Do While Social Distancing (PDF): A collection of some of our favorite outdoor activities!
  • CWPD Photo Fun: Photos of nature can relieve stress! So, we’re going to post weekly photo albums with YOUR nature photos on Facebook and Instagram! Once a week, until life feels a little more normal, we’ll post a photo topic to inspire you. Consider it a photo scavenger hunt! Send your photos to and we’ll post them when the week is over! Anyone can participate. Photos don’t have to be taken in a CWPD park, your yard will work just fine! We do ask that they are taken during the week the activity is posted. We hope you’ll share your photos with friends and family who may not be able to get outside just now. (Week eight’s inspiration is Park Positivity. The deadline to submit your photos is Wednesday, May 20.)
  • BIG Backyard Wildflower Scavenger Hunt (PDF): This is the perfect time of year to learn about Ohio’s native woodland wildflowers!
  • Grant Park’s Natural History Hike (PDF): Hike the 1.1-mile trail and learn about what you see along the way!
  • Paved trails: Find a new place to explore while you get your walk/run in! Take the dog along for a stroll. Don’t forget your leash and dog waste bags! (Scroll down linked page to search parks by feature)