Julia LeetNational ParkRx Day is Sunday, April 29. This growing movement encourages everyone to see park visits as important to health and wellness. Leading up to National ParkRx Day, we are featuring members of our community who have seen their health and well-being improved by being active in their parks. Park District volunteer and program participant Julia Leet is the third in our series of profiles!

How do you spend your time in the parks that most affects your health and well-being?

“I love the hiking and trail trekking, the numerous exercise classes that are offered (Wake-Up Workout, Cardio Mix, Tai Chi, Yoga in the Park), and healthy lifestyles offerings (Foam Rolling, Green Cleaning).”

What types of improvements have you seen in your health and/or medical tests that you feel were a result of being in the parks?

“My energy level is much higher! I am able to maintain my health and activity levels so that I can keep up with my grandchildren and great-grandchild!”

What health benefits have you experienced from outdoor exercise that you have not seen from indoor exercise?

“My energy level has increased and I have a sense of greater overall well-being. It’s a very healthy cycle: I participate in CWPD activities and encourage others to do so as well; the social connections I make reinforce a commitment to continue my activities; I feel healthier and want to do even more!”

Which parks are your favorite(s)? Why?

Schoolhouse Park – I enjoy the long walking path, and part of it is shady! Holes Creek is a nice new park! Oak Grove is also a long path, and it offers outdoor exercise equipment for adults, something that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the area!”

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you would like to add?

“CWPD really works hard in our community to reach out and serve our needs. They offer an outstanding combination of exercise, education, skills, outreach, and fun! Community members can find activities for all ages and capabilities, interests and schedules. Something is going on all year, and many special activities are geared to the season. The staff is talented and eager to help everyone get outdoors and enjoy the parks all year round!”