Forestry activity for the removal of ash trees infested by the emerald ash borer (EAB) will continue throughout the winter in many of your parks. Much of this work will be completed by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified contractors. Only trees that have been identified as dead, dying or diseased and are standing adjacent to private property will be targeted at this time. Please contact us if you have questions about marked trees adjacent to your home.

We encourage all park neighbors to have their trees inspected by a certified arborist in order to identify dead, dying or diseased trees that pose a potential hazard to park visitors. If you believe your trees are infested and would like to learn more about treatment or removal of your ash trees, please visit the Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Program’s EAB website or go to for more information.

EAB kills ash trees within 3 – 5 years of infestation. Adult EABs are a dark metallic green color, 1/2 inch in length, 1/8 inch wide and fly from mid-May to September. Larvae spend the rest of the year developing beneath the bark.