Watkins Glen Park

Watkins Glen Park

Neighborhood Park / 5.712 Acres


The park is open daylight hours.


825 Watkins Glen Drive
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About the Park

Watkins Glen Park is divided by a creek with a large open area to the west and play equipment including a climber, adult swing, belt swings and infant swings to the east. A stone crossing joins the two park areas.


Drinking Fountain (off November-March)
Picnic Tables
Play Equipment
Water Feature – Stream


Watkins Glen Park was named for the Watkins family. Jonathan and Clarissa Watkins and their family arrived in Washington Township in 1804. They built the stone house which still stands at Route 48 and Nutt Road and is still owned by the family. Russell Watkins, the great great grandson of Jonathan was a Washington Township Trustee when the Park District was created.

Two parcels for the park were acquired by open space transfer with a third parcel donated by the Washington Township Trustees.

Note: History courtesy of Pat Aldrich, Centerville-Washington History