Stringtown Park

Stringtown Park

Neighborhood Park / 4.168 Acres


The park is open daylight hours.


9191 Woodstream Lane
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About the Park

Stringtown Park is a neighborhood park with a sled hill and play equipment.


Picnic Tables
Play Equipment
Sled Hill


Stringtown Park is named after the old town of Stringtown which sat at the intersection of Clyo and East Spring Valley Roads. The town dated to about 1820. Many of the Quakers who worshiped at the Sugar Creek Meeting House lived in the vicinity. David Miller’s tannery and a few shops opened early; a spring manufacturer was established in 1835 to make the first steel springs for horse-drawn carriages. In 1829, Solomon Miller bought David’s tannery and in 1831 added a grist mill and sawmill and in 1835 he acquired an oil mill. In 1836, however, the boom, such as it was, ended. Solomon Miller closed the sawmill and the 1837 depression sapped the strength of the little town.

Stringtown Park was acquired through open space transfer in 1978.

Note: History courtesy of Pat Aldrich, Centerville-Washington History