Stansel Park Springhouse

Stansel Park

Neighborhood Park / 3.546 Acres


The park is open daylight hours.


1304 Sarah Freeman Drive
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About the Park

Stansel Park is a neighborhood park located in Sweeney Place.


Restored Springhouse


Stansel Park was named after the Henry Stansel family that settled in Washington Township. Henry Stansel came by horseback in 1801 to select a 200-acre tract along Sheehan Road near the Warren County line. He cleared some land for a corn patch and put up a log cabin. Then in the fall of 1802, he brought his wife and family of five young children from Kentucky to their new home.

The park includes the restored foundation of a springhouse originally built in the early 1800s.

Stansel Park was acquired through open space transfer in 2008.

Note: History courtesy of Pat Aldrich, Centerville-Washington History