bridge in the woods at Big Bend Park in Dayton Ohio

Big Bend Park

Neighborhood Park / 7.841 Acres


The park is open daylight hours.


1328 Spring Ash Drive
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About the Park

Big Bend Park is a neighborhood park with some features of a nature park. A tributary of Holes Creek runs along the southern edge of the playground. The park includes a small wooded area to explore, trails to follow and a bridge. If you climb the stairway you will find yourself walking on an old railroad track bed. This section of the railroad track took a sharp turn to the west, which explains the name of the park. Play equipment includes slides, climbers, belt swings and infant swings.


Drinking Fountain (off November-March)
Hiking Trails
Picnic Tables
Play Equipment
Water Feature – Stream


Big Bend Park was acquired through open space transfer in 1988. The south end of the Cincinnati-Dayton Railroad that crossed through Washington Township  is preserved in this park.