Date: November 4, 2015
Contact: Carrie A. Dittman, Centerville-Washington Park District,
Subject: Local Park District lends a hand

CENTERVILLE, OH: Friday, October 30, the Centerville-Washington Park received a phone call from a concerned resident. She didn’t intend to call the Park District; she thought she was contacting the government offices of Washington Township. She explained that she was worried about her elderly neighbor’s ability to rake her leaves and didn’t believe her neighbor would have the funds available to pay for a service. She was looking for a place to help and wasn’t sure where to turn. Dialing the wrong number turned out to be the right thing to do. Less than a week later, a team of 12 Centerville-Washington Park District staff have organized to assist that resident’s neighbor and five others living in the City of Centerville.

Through a bit of quick research, the Park District learned that the City of Centerville compiles a list of individuals, groups and organizations willing to volunteer to help elderly and disabled Centerville residents with leaf and snow removal. Residents are able to contact the City of Centerville to get access to the list. Park District staff contacted the City and volunteered to help the afternoon of Thursday, November 5. “The Centerville-Washington Park District relies heavily on community volunteers and we really felt like this was a perfect opportunity for us to volunteer to give back to the community,” says Ken Carter, Operations Manager for the Park District.

The Park District plans to organize staff again when it is time for snow removal assistance.

If you, or your organization, are interested in joining the effort, contact the City of Centerville at 937-433-7151.


The Centerville-Washington Park District operates eight community parks, nine nature parks, and 33 neighborhood parks encompassing 1,000 acres in Centerville and Washington Township. For more information about the Centerville-Washington Park District, please call (937) 433-5155 or visit