Commercial Photography PermitsYour parks are a wonderful place to have family photos taken! However, please keep in mind that commercial activity, including commercial photography, is not permitted on public land. Photography is considered a commercial activity if the photographer receives any payment in exchange for their photos or the images are used to sell a product or service.

With a special permit, photographers are permitted to hold photo shoots in CWPD parks. Photographers may receive a permit by submitting a request form and a one-time $50 permit fee. Permits are valid for all future park visits and must be displayed at all times during the photo shoot. Permit holders will receive a lanyard permit to display. This is a change to the previous policy, which required an annual $50 fee to renew commercial photography permits.

We ask that photographers respect park programs and not hold photo shoots while programs are in progress. Photographers should check the park calendar prior to scheduling any sessions.