The dog park currently features two fenced-in areas of approximately one acre each — one area for dogs under 35 lbs. and another for dogs over 35 lbs. The Park District is in the process of adding a third one-acre area to the off-leash park. The addition will be on the southeast corner of the existing dog park and will include a shade structure, shade trees, benches and picnic tables.

The purpose of the third area is to allow for the occasional rotation of large dog areas, causing less wear and tear on the turf — in other words, more grass, less dirt and mud! This change will result in fewer weather-related closures of the dog park, something dog park visitors have requested.

The area was recently graded by Flora Excavating and will be fenced in by Mills Fence. It was seeded in late September by Park District staff. The area will need time for the new turf to establish before it can be open for use. We expect the new area to be put into rotation by fall 2016.