American Ramp Company has been contracted to design and build an addition to the skatepark at Oak Creek South Park. In mid-July, ARC held a meeting at the skatepark to hear feedback from users regarding any new features they would like to see included in the expansion.

The existing skatepark, opened in 2010, is a complex series of bowls and transitions, but is short on basics that beginning skaters use as they are learning. The overall consensus of the group was that the expansion needed to include some basic elements. Therefore, the expansion will cater to the beginner and intermediate skater. It will include 2’, 3’ and 4’ tall bank ramps that will help beginners gradually work up to higher obstacles. There will also be a 4’ tall quarter pipe with a ledge and an 8’ tall quarter pipe that can be used by all skill levels.

A new stair set, rails and ledges will be geared more toward the intermediate and advanced skater.

The new addition will be on the west side of the existing skatepark and will run parallel to Miamisburg-Centerville Road. Construction will begin in October and is expected to be completed by June 2016.