Kids Garden Center Experience

Saturday, May 8, 2021, 9:00 a.m. – noon
Activity Center Park, Headquarters
221 N. Main St.
Fee/family: $10 residents, $13 nonresidents
Registration deadline: Monday, May 3 (Registration is required for this program)

Young green thumbs can come to this family-friendly “garden center sale” at Park District Headquarters and shop the garden stations. “Garden bucks” will be awarded for registering. Get additional bucks for completing a variety of tasks such as, attending earth month programs, doing a good deed, getting a high score on an assignment and more! No real money will be exchanged at the program. Whether your child is interested in a window sill, patio or in-ground garden, we will have the supplies to get them started for the season!

Garden Bucks Tasks (for registered participants only, no walk-ups will be accepted at this event in 2021)

  • Attend Earth Month programs (CWPD Bio Bio Blitz, Earth Month Scavenger Hunt, Tree Planting and Care). Each program gets you 5 “bucks”
  • Do a good deed for someone. Up to 5 good deeds. Each deed should be sent to for 3 “bucks” each
  • Getting a 75% or better on a school assignment for up 5 assignments. 2 “bucks” per assignment
  • Wear Centerville or CWPD gear to the event for 10 “bucks”
  • Bring your own cardboard box to take home your “purchases” for 5 “bucks”
  • Register for another program in May for 5 “bucks” (The program can be anytime between May 1 – 31, 2021.)
  • Take a picture of yourself waving in a park and send it to Up to 3 photos for 5 “bucks” each.
  • Send 4 fun facts about Earth Day to for 5 “bucks”
  • Write a poem about your favorite thing in nature for 5 “bucks”
  • Check out a garden book from the library and send 2 interesting things you learned for 15 “bucks”
  • Find the “Garden Center’s” pets (Owlexander, cat and dog) at the stations. Get 3 “bucks” for each find.

Participants can earn as many “bucks” as they have time for, no minimum amount is required. Total “bucks” earned will be recorded on a spreadsheet and will be ready for the participant at the time of their designated check-in.